Monday, April 12, 2010

Teaching Project

I decided to do my project where we teach someone something use technology on Google Calendar. I used ScreenToaster. I taught my mother how to use it, I thought she would find it helpful because she's so super busy all the time between work and taking care of a family and herself for that matter. So my audience is directed to older people who don't use technology very often. The outcome I wanted was for her to see how easy Google Calendar is to use and how helpful it can be to maintain organization in a busy life, and ultimately my goal is for her to actually use it. The video is below, if you have troubling viewing it you can Click Here

I also used ScreenToaster to teach me five year old niece how to open a browser and type in an html code for a website she wanted to go to. My three year old nephew wanted to learn too so you can mostly hear his voice talking. She did great and wanted to do it several times for several different URLs afterwards. You can Click Here if you have trouble viewing it.

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