Friday, April 2, 2010

Comments4Kids-Ms. Glaze's Room 6 Class

A picture of a lamb on a farm
This week I read or watched a post entitled "Ambury Farm" it was by Ms. Glaze's Room 6 class.
Click Here to read their class blog!

This was a great and very enjoyable blog post to watch. It was about a school trip their class took to a farm. During this trip, they demonstrated good manners such as, politely raising their hands and sitting quietly. They also ate a healthy lunch on their trip which I thought was great that healthy eating habits are being attempted to instill in the students. It's such a very important thing to learn. On the trip, they got to see and interact with various farm animals; they saw a sheep being shaved and got to feed one very silly goat.
I commented saying how I enjoyed watching their video and how they displayed very good manners and eating habits. I also said how I wished my teachers when I was in their grade would've had us make movies or made movies of us and displayed them on blogs where the limited amount of viewers is only limited to the amount of people who have internet access in the world. Good job Room 6!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you very much for the thorough and indepth comments about our blog. The children had such good fun, and were able to show what they had learned. They are even able to relive and reflect on it. They will love reading your comments on their return from their 2 week holidays. It makes such a HUGE difference to their learning when they know they have a real audience to their writing. :)

  2. Cute goat. I bet the trip was so much fun, and I'm sure the children learned about the animals, and eating a healthy lunch is a great habit to get into!