Sunday, April 4, 2010

Child kissing a frog for a book cover
Mr Chamberlain's "Dear Kaia: Voicethread and Video"
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This blog post was about how Mr. Chamberlain's class commented on Jabiz Raisdana's daughter, Kaia, blog. Kaia's father noticed all the comments he was getting from Mr. Chamberlain's class. They contacted another and decided to have a Skype session. Since Kaia was unable to read yet, Mr. Chamberlain's class made a voicethread for her. I think this is great how people have connected in such a way due to technology. It's an absolutely revolutionary thing that's happening in our world and in the teaching society. Teachers now can learn from each other and each other's experiences in ways that were impossible before, and that is definitely a positive.

"Dear Kaia"
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This is about the third time I've read this blog post and it still never gets old to me. This is a little girl named Kaia's blog. This specific post was about how Kaia's father felt it was important that she stays and plays outside due to a book he read "Last Child in the Woods." He also wanted her to learn that things that may seem ugly can actually be beautiful, it's all in the eye of the beholder. So to teach her this, they took pictures of some things that Kaia felt was beautiful, things that ranged from garbage to sunsets. I think it's great what he's doing with his daughter, and she is going to be so prepared for a world that relies on technology.

Intrepid Teacher: "Singing Hearts"
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This post was about the connections Jabiz Raisdana has made with other teachers and especially the connections he has made with Mr. Chamberlain and his class. He also wrote about how the online world can be scary and dangerous and he wrote about his fears associated with exposing his child to the online world. I don't think that the negatives outweigh the positives and that the connections that are being made are extremely powerful. With children like Kaia out there a teacher has so much more on their plate then ever before I believe to provide a learning environment conclusive with a 21st century student.


  1. It was a very good thing what Kaia and her father shared. Being able to find beauty in the smallest things is priceless and absolutely necessary. This young girl will be prepared for so many things when she gets older. And it is a scary thing exposing your daughter on the web when she is so young, but to see how much of an impact she has already made it an amazing thing.

  2. I cannot believe that a small child is more in tune with technology and willing to share her thoughts with the world while there are still adults out there that have no interest in even attempting to learn how to use a computer. Hopefully this child will encourage others to follow in her footsteps!