Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Post-The End

A classroom filled with empty desks
1.) I learned Google Docs, Picasa, podcasts, how to make a movie, blogging, PLN, Twitter, about commenting, iTunes U, about accessibility, and html code, Google forms, Google Earth, ALEX, ACCESS, Delicious, Timetoast, Wordle, voice commenting, and technology literacy. All of which I had not heard of or used before. I think all will be useful in the classroom, and I hope I get the opportunity to use each tool I learned in this class in my classroom one day. The most important thing I learned was technology literacy. I did not know completely all that terminology entailed, and now I believe I do. I understand what it means and what it takes to be technology literate, and I think that will help me more than anything else I learned.

2.) I would have liked to learn how to use the SmartBoard and how to make animations.

3.) I do not believe there is anything in this class that I will try to forget and never use.

4.) No.

5.) I found the weekly blog posts somewhat intellectually challenging, only because it required me to turn my brain on and think every week. I had to figure what I wanted to say, what I thought on a subject, and how was I going to say it so my opinion was understood. It was like writing a short essay every week.

6.) I do not believe I was ever bored.

7.) I think more feedback is needed, grades on assignments would have been nice to be sure I was on the right track with what I was supposed to be learning and be able to do. I also think more instruction, guidance, and organization is needed.

8.) When this class started I considered myself relatively technology literate, but I had no idea. I was not really, and I feel that this class has improved my skills in regarding technology. I at least feel that I'm technology literate now.

9.) I would like to keep up with technology used in the classroom by following technology literate teacher's blogs, such as Shelly Terrell's blog and others. I'm also going to keep up with the teachers I am following on Twitter, and keep increasing my PLN and RSS feeds.

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  1. " required me to turn my brain on and think every week" Wonderful. That's what I want: students who bring their brains to class and TURN THEM ON! That's what you will want as a teacher also. Unfortunately it does not always happen!

    Your ideas for staying current are all good. Good luck as you pursue your career!