Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18,2010

Select a topic.....I guess I choose blogging.

I think blogging can be very great. I personally am sick of it, but that's just me. I'll get over it and will continue to use it and have my students blog when I become a teacher. So many great connections can made, and there are so many people to learn from through reading blogs and leaving comments. Even though I'm tired of it, I'm glad I learned about it and about the world of students and teachers that also blog.

Why Blogging is important

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  1. I had seen neither of these video clips. I have added the blog one to my Tech Literate blog.

    When you are a teacher you will get tired of lots of things. I get tired of students who have no interest in learning. Since you are in Class C you may not know they exist, but they do. Well, you probably do since you have to comment4classmates and you see what others do or do not do. Whether I am tired of the learning resistors or not I still have to try and inspire them and provide a learning opportunity for them. Ultimately they decide whether they will learn or not. My guess is that being "tired of blogging" will look trivial to being "tired of learning" which you will encounter when you become a teacher.

    Thanks for these two videos!