Thursday, March 4, 2010


I commented on Roberto's blog. I searched the class blog trying to figure out what exactly Roberto's assignment was for his blog post but, I had no luck. He wrote:

"Outdoors is scary

When there's bears attacking

I could feel them stalking

And that's why I camp in my backyard"

I think it might be a poem. I really enjoyed reading it and thought it was very creative! I commented telling him that I enjoyed reading his blog post and that I liked how the topic was about camping. I also said how I used to camp in my backyard when I was younger as well. I also told him that he did a good job using imagery that I could really see the bear stalking and could feel the fear that would create in someone. Additionally, I asked what exactly the assignment was about. I thought his writing was very expressive and I have really enjoyed reading these students blogs its my favorite assignment we're doing in EDM310!

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  1. It would be helpful to know the assignment but often it remains a mystery. So when you have your kids blog ....