Sunday, February 28, 2010

Personal Learning Network

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So far for the progress I have made on my PLN is making a number of RSS feeds 15 so far, they are Wired Science, Whats new in the world, Twitter for teachers, wikispaces, The Educators Royal Treatment, Lastest Activity on the Educators PLN, Philly Teacher,, Free Technology for Teachers, Edutopia, Connect Your PLN Lab,, and I have also been following a number of Teachers on Twitter, including Mr. Chamberlain and Mr.McClung. I manage my Twitter account using TweetDeck, and I typically read my RSS feeds once a day. I've been searching and watching YouTube videos regarding education which there are many! I have found websites to learn from by using Delicious and have used Delicious to bookmark my own findings for my PLN, and have gone back to find websites that do not have an RSS feed such as TED . There's an infinite amount of information out there and people to learn from it's hard to keep up with. But for me, my PLN helps me keep everything organized, and as Dr. Strange says lets me dip into the flowing river of information out there.

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