Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comments4Kids-Year 4 Divers

The Comments 4 Kids blog I read was entitled "Endless Ocean." All of the posts were so interesting. The students are learning about the ocean using technology to have virtual tours of the sea! On one virtual dive, when returning from the ocean to the boat they were greeted by a walrus on their boat, a virtual walrus. That is so awesome to me. I think if my teachers would have used this method to teach science, I might be more interested in it. What a great way to learn! I commented on a post regarding parental engagement week. I commented saying how great their blog is and to keep up the good work, and how I loved the virtual walrus blog post! Kudos Year 4 Divers!

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  1. Hello my name is Graeme McCafferty (the class teacher for the year4divers blog). I am only in my second year of teaching and really appreciate all the comments you and your classmates are posting. The children are extremely excited every day when we check what new comments we have to moderate, this can lead us onto learning about where you come from and having a look at your blogs as well. Thanks again and keep watching our blog!