Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

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ALEX( Alabama Learning Exchange )
Click Here to go to the ALEX website.

ALEX is a database of lesson plans created and posted by teachers. You can search through the database by traditional subjects, and also by technology education and information literacy. Lesson plans are provided for many subjects at many grade levels. There is an area of podcasts and a place where teachers can create their own personal workspace. There is also a section of web links that contains educational links for teachers, administrators, and students. You can also recommend a web link to placed on ALEX. Additionally, there is a professional learning section that offers resources for teachers to enhance their professional development.

I feel ALEX is going to be a lifeline for me when I become a teacher. At the sake of sounding redundant, the resources in ALEX or undoubtedly resourceful. There are so many things for a teacher to use and benefit from, and overall ALEX is just a good idea. I did not know that this existed, and I am so glad that I do now. The lesson plans are thorough and utterly helpful. I feel that anytime teachers come together to help one another out students benefit.

ACCESS( Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators, and Students Statewide )
Click Here to go to the ACCESS website.

ACCESS is a statewide distance learning initiative that allows schools help other schools by offering advanced level courses and electives that might not otherwise be available. It combines video conferencing and distance learning and is available to all Alabama public high school students. This program is so beneficial to student achievement. They can accomplish courses or classes they would never have been able to do before in a way they most likely have not done before. They get to use technology through distance learning, and it has become by understanding that kids enjoy using technology in classrooms. A quote from one teacher on the ACCESS website was “My students think that they have reached heaven. One student said that he wanted to live in that lab . . . the other student next to him told me that this was his favorite class ever!”
Adina Stone, Latin I IVC and Online Teacher, Sheffield High School, Sheffield

ACCESS provides access to advanced diploma courses, dual enrollment courses and dual credit courses, remediation and supplemental resources. It also provides teachers with multimedia tools to enhance instruction. I'm sure how useful ACCESS can be for me when I am a teacher and to the students I will teach, because I'm going to be an elementary school teacher and ACCESS, as of now, is only available for high school students.

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  1. A lifeline, a resource, our best friend! ALEX is going to be so vital to us as future teachers. I think distance learning also has its advantages as well. I participated in a distance learning class in high school, and it was quite a fun experience!